The Winnower

“Revolutionizing science by breaking down the barriers to scientific communication.”

The Winnower is an “open access online scholarly publishing platform that employs open post-publication peer review.” In the world of scientific peer review, this is a fairly radical concept. For my part, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Josh Nicholson to bring the concept of ‘The Winnower’ to life while working at Spruce Interactive.

The brand needed to express a modern freshness, something not often associated with scientific journals. Our inspiration for the logo mark came from unexpected places, like rustic rum bottles and maritime sketches. In the end, we kept the mark simple, bold, and minimalist, but these tones in ‘voice’ are still part of the overall expression.

The Winnower website lives on a 100% custom built platform which allows users to post, share, and interact with articles. The goal has always been to capture peer review and discussion, making the experience comfortable and professional. Much of the published content is dense in copy so a focus on readability was a must. The UI allowing a visitor to review a submission, as well as submit, was carefully considered and tested during the wireframe stage. The Winnower is an elegant platform that continues to gain momentum.

The platform structure required a complex system of topic categorization, which we enhanced with a build out of custom icons for each topic category. We also created a color ID system, which we felt would help the visitor more easily navigate throughout the site while reading/reviewing work.

It is possible.

Scientific publication can be both accessible & beautiful.