Girls Rock Campaign Boston

Girls Rock Campaign Boston is a Boston-based non-profit organization that offers a volunteer run summer program teaching girls aged 8-17 to play instruments and start their own rock band. GRCB is part of the national Girls Rock Camp Alliance.

I began working with GRCB as a volunteer guitar teacher during the summer of 2011. Eventually, I would be hired on to recreate the brand, coupled with a robust redesign and development of the website. I also took the lead creating the visual identity for most of the print and marketing collateral until I moved away from the Boston area in 2014.

“There is nothing better than seeing a shy, frightened young girl transform into a confident, drum stick wielding, microphone swinging force in less than 5 days.”

The website was a major undertaking since GRCB is a highly popular organization with a huge volunteer base with ever-growing camper applications. They needed a system that would allow them to accept online applications and process application fees. Our mission with the new site was to produce a new process – one that could better serve the organization’s needs for today, and grow with them in the coming years.

In addition to needing a top-notch web experience, GRCB creates custom artwork for each session, meaning new t-shirts, lanyards, and posters are created for each term.

GRCB fosters and encourages volunteers to create art for each session. It’s a collaborative effort, amongst a group of talented and passionate ladies. With such a robust design schedule and large group of contributors, we created and shared a brand guide to help volunteers adhere to the ‘voice’ of GRCB, as well as guidelines for logo usage.

GRCB is a wonderful organization. If you haven’t already, check it out, attend, or contribute.

Girls Rock Campaign Boston
Girls Rock Campaign Boston