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I aspire to create beautiful & highly functional experiences


My name is Kristina Johnson (KJ) Parish. I am a designer. I am also able to build (i.e. code) much of what I design. I ideate, collaborate, iterate, and communicate with interesting people all the time. This is what makes the work I do so ‘sweet.’

At the core, my design process is centered around strategic planning and problem solving. Consistent and productive communication is absolutely essential to what I do. At the center of every project, I will work with you to discover a leading goal, some marker that we use to set the bar as high as it needs to be. Whether the goal is to get visitors to read more articles on your website, interact with a new feature, buy a new product, or just think of your brand in a fresh way, my job is to get to the heart of what matters and build a plan that supports and stays true to your vision.

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The design aesthetic I am most inspired by is often subtle, elegant, intuitively structured, and ‘gets out of the way.’ Yes, I’m a minimalist by default, but not in strict terms. It’s simply what I enjoy and what feels *right* to me in most situations. However, that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to dialing in the unexpected, poppy, eclectic, bold or edgy when such a move is essential to the expression of a brand in some way.

Make it ‘It’

I have been working in the technology industry, primarily designing brands and building websites and applications, for 10+ years. I didn’t start here. I went to art school twice, first for furniture design and then graphic design as well. I spent over a decade living in Boston, playing guitar and touring in bands, cutting my teeth designing and building custom WordPress sites for clients in the back of a van. I never learned ‘code’ formally. It happened naturally, in support of my desire to build what I designed so I could see and interact with it in the ‘real world.’ In 2015, my family and I relocated to East Nashville to explore life in this creative enclave, road trip around the South and finally escape that long and pummeling New England winter. Get in touch and/or check out a small collection of personal recommendations.

I Like

Minimalism, Whitespace, Asymmetry, Effective Communication, Syncopation, Xanadu, Mindfulness.