This is it.

I design beautiful print and digital experiences


My name is Kristina Johnson (KJ) Parish. I am Design Director at The Thought & Expression Co. where I art direct, design, and manage the print production of premium book titles published by Thought Catalog Books as well as the Thought Catalog Magazine and Digest. I also collaborate on a handful of web properties, including Thought Catalog, Shop Catalog, and Quote Catalog with members of the design and development team. With a background in art, technology, and brand design, I’m well suited to locate the core of a book or product and pull together the various design and material ingredients that will help me communicate the essence of it across a variety of platforms / media. I consider myself a mixed-media artist who is able to move between the print and digital worlds. I pride myself on being a good communicator who is able to reach beyond the noise to find the authentic voice in every project that hits my desk.

Make it ‘It’

If I could spend all of my time making things, I would. As a kid, my hobbies were heavily bound to arts and crafts. As a teen and young adult, music and art were at the center everything I cared about. I went to art school twice. I spent over a decade living in Boston, playing guitar and touring in bands, cutting my teeth designing websites in the back of a van to make ends meet. This eventually led me to study graphic design formally at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. While I consider myself an artist, I’m always drawn to design that skirts a technical path on some level. The process or physicality behind the making of something excites me and I find myself deconstructing what I see as a favorite mental exercise. I can recall lyrics of songs and materials I once saw used in a book years ago better than names or the events in my own life. That’s just me, for better or worse. In 2015, my family and I relocated to East Nashville to explore life in this creative enclave, road trip around the South and finally escape that long and pummeling New England winter.

I Like

Minimalism, Whitespace, Asymmetry, Assertive Communication, Syncopation, Xanadu, Mindfulness.